Under the Dragon's Tail
Off Off Bway, Theater 4 The People at Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre

Reviewed by Ed Malin

BOTTOM LINE: Writer-Director Isaac Byrne brings alive four stories from our past, present, and future in a most visceral and heart-warming way.

Notable director Isaac Byrne makes his playwriting debut with a program of four short plays about people learning to stand up for themselves. The title comes from a quote from King Lear, spoken by Edmund (the bastard, and my near namesake) urging people not to let astrological readings define their life choices. Indeed, in all of the plays there is a reference to dragons, the constellation Draco...

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Garden of Alla: The Alla Nazimova Story
(Off Off Bway, TheaterLab)
Review by Emily Cordes

BOTTOM LINE: A stirring one-woman tribute to the trailblazing-but-forgotten actress Alla Nazimova.

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King Kong
(Off Off Bway, Radiotheatre NYC)
Review by Emily Cordes

BOTTOM LINE: In the style of classic radio dramas, this live audio play offers a fresh take on the iconic King Kong story.

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One Night
(Off Bway, Target Margin at The Doxsee)
Review by Taylor Black

BOTTOM LINE: A deeply hospitable invitation to meditate on oral storytelling, diaspora, and the ways we build communities around narrative, through the framework of The One Thousand and One Nights.

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How I Learned to Drive
(Broadway, Manhattan Theatre Club)
Review by Shani R. Friedman

BOTTOM LINE: Seen through a 21st-century lens, this 25-year-old drama remains topical and gripping, with the original leads revisiting the same roles.

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(Off Off Bway, IATI Theater)
Review by Dan Dinero

BOTTOM LINE: At times intense, at times more meditative, Bloom offers a look at a dystopia that might be closer than we think.

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H*tler's Tasters
(Off Bway, New Light Theater Project at Theatre Row)
Review by Linda Buchwald

BOTTOM LINE: A timely dark comedy that is as fun as it is terrifying.

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